The Commission shall

  • Compile and maintain a list of persons with sufficient experience in Industrial Relations or Labour Law to serve as conciliators, mediators, and arbitrators

  • Attempt to resolve, through conciliation, any dispute referred to it

  • Where a dispute referred to it remains unresolved after conciliation, arbitrate the dispute if

    1. It requires arbitration;

    2. The Act permits arbitration and both parties to the dispute have requested that the dispute be resolved through arbitration;

    3. The parties to a dispute in respect of which the Industrial Court has jurisdiction consent to arbitration under the auspices of the Commission;

    4. Annually compile and publish information and statistics about its activities;

    5. Advise in the establishment of workplace fora;

    6. Periodically conduct, oversee or scrutinize a ballot;

    7. If requested, advise a party to a dispute on the procedure to follow in terms the Industrial Relations Act;

  • If requested, assist a party to a dispute to obtain legal advice;

  • If requested by the parties mediate any dispute referred to it;

  • Conduct, oversee or scrutinize any election or ballot of an organisation or federation if asked to do so by that organisation or federation;

  • Publish guidelines in relation to any matter dealt with under the Industrial Relations Act;

  • Conduct and publish research into matters relevant to its functions.

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The Commission may provide employees, employers, registered organizations, federations or councils with advice or training relating but not limited to —

    • Designing, establishing and electing workplace fora and creating deadlock breaking mechanisms;

    • Preventing and resolving disputes and employees’ grievances;

    • Disciplinary procedures;

    • Procedures in relation to dismissals;

    • Prevention of discrimination and the promotion of equal opportunity programmes.

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