FAIRNESS – “the quality of treating people equally or in a reasonable way” 
    Treats everyone equally and according to the law
    Ensures that atmosphere is conducive for people to speak up
    Shows transparency in dealings with people by representing facts openly & honestly

    Actively listens in order to understand people’s opinions, needs and wants

HONESTY – “the quality of being honest”
    Always telling the truth and never stealing or cheating
    Not hiding the truth
    Showing an honest mind or attitude
    Giving true facts about something

IMPARTIALITY- “the quality of not supporting one person or group more than another”
    Does not give an advantage to either party
    Remains neutral by not supporting either side in a disagreement
    Makes fair judgements that are unbiased and based on facts
    Is open, listens actively and hears all relevant parties

INDEPENDENCE – “the freedom to make your own decisions without needing help from other people”
    Freedom from control
    Accepts responsibility for own actions and finds solutions
    Takes complete ownership of problems
INTEGRITY – “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles
    Consistent in the way he/she treats people
    Willing to challenge inappropriate behaviour
    Represents facts honestly
    Open, honest, truthful and have no hidden agendas

PROFESSIONALISM – “the quality of maintaining a high standard of performance in a way that shows skill and experience”
    Courteous to clients
    Shows great skill and ability when carrying out tasks
    Displays competence in all dealings with clients

TRUSTWORTHINESS – “the quality of being reliable, honest and sincere”
    Keeps promises to clients
    Delivers on commitments
    Can be relied upon to do what is expected, correctly and honestly
    To have confidence and belief that what is being told is true or correct