What is C.M.A.C?

Section 62 of the Industrial Relations Act 2000 establishes the Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration Commission.  It was established as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism, with its primary mandate being to provide for the speedy, cost effective, efficient and accessible resolution of disputes in the labour market.

The Commission is independent of any person, statutory body, political entity, employer, employee, federation or organization. It is led by a tripartite Governing Body of ten members, appointed by the Minister for Enterprise and Employment after being recommended by the Labour Advisory Body.

CMAC offices opened its doors in January 2001. After opening its Head Office in Mbabane, the Commission spread its wings to establish offices in each of the other  regions of the country, ensuring that parties cover minimum radial distance to obtain its services.The formation of C.M.A.C indicates a paradigm shift from the formal and cumbersome method of resolving labour disputes to a more approachable, informal, flexible and improved system in line with global trends. Rather than queuing in the Court for one’s matter to be resolved, CMAC provides a quick and affordable mechanism to labour dispute resolution and prevention.

Recently, the tripartite through a process of consensus, amended the Industrial Relations Act to ensure that the process of alternative dispute resolution process is fully handled by the Commission .This further affirmed the Commissions commitment to ensuring a harmonious industrial relations climate in the country.