Conciliation, Mediation &

Arbitration Commission

Our Vision

To be the Preferred, and Trusted Professional alternative Dispute Resolution and Social Justice agency

Our Mission

To provide Sustainable, Speedy and Accessible, Dispute Prevention and Resolution Services, Promote Harmony, ensure decent work.

Our Values

Fairness, Honesty, Impartiality, Independence, Integrity, Professionalism and Trustworthiness

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Core Functions of the Commission


  • We will treat people equally and in reasonable way.
  • We will treat everyone according to the Law.
  • We will ensure that the atmosphere is conducive for people to speak up.
  • We will show Transparency in dealings with people by presenting facts openly and honestly.
  • We have the quality of being honest.
  • We will tell the truth and not hide the truth.
  • We will display an honest mind and attitude.
  •  We will not support one person or a group over another.
  • We will not give an advantage to either party.
  • We will remain neutral by not supporting either side in dispute.
  •  We are free of control in our decision making.
  • We take responsibility of our actions and find solutions.
  •  We observe strong moral and legal principles.
  • We are consistent in the way we treat our internal and external stakeholders.
  • We are willing to challenge inappropriate behavior.
  • We strive to maintain high standards of performance in a way that shows skill and experience.
  • We are courteous to clients.
  • We services and display great skills and abilities.

Latest Updates

Join us for the 2024 Annual Labour Law Seminar!
#The CMAC 2024 Annual Labour Law Seminar brings together Social Partners, Labour, Employers, Employment Relations Specialists, Judges & Attorneys, HR Practioners, Union Officials, and Shop Stewards, Employer Organisations and International Speakers to elaborate on the changes that have taken place in the Labour market post Covid19.
Do not miss this opportunity to learn from some of the leading Practioners and Professionals in the Labour and Industrial Relations profession!
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